Millipore密理博细胞计数用Scepter传感器60um货号PHCC60050PHCC60050 PHCC40050


Millipore密理博细胞计数用Scepter传感器60um货号PHCC60050,Scepter Cell Counter Sensors, 60 µm – Qty: 50。

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Catalogue Number PHCC60050
Trade Name
  • Scepter
Description Scepter Cell Counter Sensors, 60 µm – Qty: 50
Overview The Scepter sensor is engineered with a micro-fabricated, cell-sensing zone that enables discrimination by cell size and cell volume – down to sub-micron and sub-picoliter resolution.

Coupled with precision liquid handling channels and electronics, the Scepter sensor accuray and reliably provides cell population statistics

Application The Scepter Sensors, 60 µm, are for counting particles between 6μm & 36μm on the Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter. Includes 50 Cell Counter Sensors.
Key Applications
  • Cell Counting
Biological Information
Sample Volume 50 µL
Physicochemical Information
Operating Range 10,000 particles/mL–500,000 particles/mL
Particle Size 6 µm–36 µm
Cell Size Range 8.0–25.0 µm
Packaging Information
Material Size 50/pk